Cold Sandwich Recipe

People like to eat sandwich recipe with different ingredients and taste according to their demand. Today, we are going to share with you an amazing and very unique sandwich recipe that you can easily prepare at home within a short time known as a Cold Sandwich Recipe.

Cold Sandwich Recipe With Ingredients

Here, we will guide you to make this recipe at home by using the following ingredients and by following these directions given.

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Ingredients for Honey Mustard Sauce

  1. Mustard paste 1/3 Cup
  2. Mayonnaise 1 Cup
  3. Salt ¼ Tsp
  4. Honey 2 tbsp

Directions Honey Mustard Sauce

  1. Take a small bowl, add mustard paste, mayonnaise, salt, honey and mix them well.
  2. Now add sauce in a squeeze bottle store in a refrigerator.

Ingredients for Chili Garlic Mayonnaise

  1. Mayonnaise 1 Cup
  2. Chili garlic sauce ¼ Cup

Directions for Chili Garlic Mayonnaise

  1. Now take a Small bowl, add mayonnaise, chili garlic sauce and mix them well.
  2. Add this mixture in a bottle and set aside in a freezer

Ingredients for Yogurt Mayo Sauce

  1. Mayonnaise ½ Cup
  2. Yogurt ½ Cup
  3. Paprika powder ½ Tsp

Directions for Yogurt Mayo Sauce

  1. Take a small bowl, add mayonnaise, yogurt, paprika powder and mix them well.
  2. Add this mixture in a squeeze and set aside in a freezer.

Ingredients for Chicken

  1. Chicken boneless in shape of cubes 250 gm
  2. Salt ½ Tsp
  3. Tikka masala 1 Tsp
  4. Lemon juice 1 tbsp
  5. Cooking Oil 1 tbsp
  6. Cooking Oil 1 tbsp ( to fry the chicken)

Directions for Chicken

  1. Take a small bowl, and add chicken, salt, tikka masala, lemon juice and oil, mix them well and marinate chicken for 30 minutes.
  2. Take a medium frying pan, add oil and marinated chicken, cook the chicken until its color becomes golden brown and set aside.

Ingredients for Cold Sandwich

  1. French bread loaf
  2. Cooked chicken
  3. Cheese slices
  4. Iceberg
  5. Cucumber sliced
  6. Jalapenos sliced
  7. Black olives sliced
  8. Pickled cucumber sliced
  9. Tomato sliced
  10. Capsicum sliced
  11. Red Onion sliced
  12. Tomato ketchup
  13. Honey mustard sauce
  14. Chili garlic mayonnaise
  15. Yogurt mayo sauce

Directions for Cold Sandwich

  1. First Take a french bread and Cut the french bread loaf in half, and add cooked chicken,cheese slice,iceberg, cucumber, jalapenos, black olives, pickled cucumber, tomato, capsicum, onion, tomato ketchup, honey mustard sauce, chili garlic mayonnaise, yogurt mayo sauce and fold, and wrap in butter paper and serve the Cold Sandwich with ketchup or pure mayonnaise.

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