Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling Recipe

Random snack craving and confused about what to eat? Treat your taste buds with this Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling delicacy which is as tasty to eat as it is easy to make.

Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling Recipe With Ingredients and Directions:

Source: Satisfying Slime – Relaxing ASMR


  • Asparagus (chopped) 10 Gms
  • Water chestnut (chopped) 10 Gms
  • Corn kernel (chopped) 10 Gms
  • Red pumpkin (chopped) 10 Gms
  • Raw papaya 10 Gms
  • Iceberg lettuce roughly (chopped) 10 Gms
  • Sugar 5 Gms
  • Sesame oil 5 Ml
  • Ginger juice 5 Ml
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Skin
  • Wheat starch and water

Directions of Skin:

  • Use wheat starch and water in order to make
  • Cut the dough into equal parts using a knife
  • Use a roller to make wrappers to later stuff them with the filling

Directions of Filling:

  • Blanch all the vegetables to prepare the filling and mix all the other ingredients in it to give it a form of filling.
  • Meanwhile, keep the icebergs aside until they cool down.
  • Stuff the filling inside the wrappers and fold it into dumplings
  • Garnish and serve hot


  • To enhance the flavor further, gobble down the dumplings along with chili garlic sauce

Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling Recipe