Kadhi Pakora Recipe

Today, we are going to share with you an amazing and delicious South Asian recipe full of tasty and healthy ingredients and easy to cook at home. People like to eat this recipe with bread, roti, Naan or Chapati according to their taste. This recipe is known as a Kadhi Pakora Recipe.

Kadhi Pakora Recipe With Ingredients and Directions

Here, we will guide you how to make this recipe at home by using delicious and tasty ingredients within a short time.

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Ingredients For Kadhi

1. Gram flour 1 cup
2. Water 2 cups
3. Yogurt 2 & ½ cup
4. Water 1 cup
5. Water 6 to 8 cups
6. Onion finely sliced 2 tbsp
7. Fenugreek leaves 1 Tsp
8. Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
9. Whole red chilies 6 to 8
10. Cumin seeds 1 Tsp
11. Curry leaves 6 to 8
12. Green chilies 2
13. Turmeric 1 Tsp
14. Red chili powder 1 Tsp or to taste
15. Salt 1 & ½ Tsp or to taste

Ingredients For Pakora

1. Gram flour 2 cups
2. Salt 1 Tsp or to taste
3. Red chili powder 1 Tsp
4. Green chilies chopped 1 to 2
5. Coriander leaves 2 tbsp
6. Water as required
7. Cooking Oil for frying

Ingredients For Tarka

1. Cooking Oil ½ cup
2. Onion sliced 2 tbsp
3. Cumin seeds ½ tsp
4. Whole red chilies 4 to 6
5. Green chilies chopped 2
6. Curry leaves 6 to 8

Directions For Kadhi Pakora Recipe Preparations

1. Take a bowl, add gram flour and water, whisk it well until smooth, set aside.
2. Now, Whisk yogurt well, add water and mix well again, set aside.
3. Take a pot, pour and strain prepared gram flour batter and yogurt mixture, add water, mix them well.
4. Now add red onions, fenugreek leaves, ginger garlic paste, whole red chilies and cumin seeds, give it a good mix.
5. Now, Add curry leaves, green chilies, turmeric powder, and mix them well.
6. Now add red chili powder and salt, mix them well and bring it to boil. Cook them on low flame for 30 to 40 minutes.

Directions For Pakora Preparations

1. First, Mix gram flour, red chili powder, baking soda, green chilies, salt and green coriander in a medium-size bowl.

  1. Now, Add water in small quantities and mix them well to form the batter.
    3. Now, Heat cooking oil in a wok, with a spoon drop the pakora batter in the cooking oil.
    4. Now, Fry them until medium brown and crispy.
    5. Now, Add deeply fried pakora in Kadhi mixture, mix and stir them well and Cook them for 3 to 4 minutes and set aside.

Directions Tarka Preparations

1. Now, Heat cooking oil in fry pan, and add onion and saute little.
2. Now, Add cumin seeds, whole red chilies, green chilies and curry leaves, saute them for few seconds.
3. Now, Add Tarka in pakora khadi mixture and Serve the Kadhi hot with steamed rice.

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