Kit Kat Cream Cake Recipe

This creamy delight is a perfect dessert choice for special occasions or even just a treat for the kids. The recipe involves the basic sponge cake with a unique topping made out of the popular chocolate Kit Kat blended with other yummy ingredients.

Source: Buttercup


  • Cream 1 packet
  • Icing sugar to taste
  • Milk (to soak the cake) as needed
  • Kitkat as needed
  • Chocolate curls /shaves as needed

Kit Kat Cream Cake Recipe-1

Directions for Kit Kat Cream Cake

  • Take a bowl and whisk the cream with icing sugar
  • Divide the sponge cake into two halves and soak them in sugar syrup or milk
  • Now spread cream on one of the half while placing ½ inch pieces of kitkat on it
  • Then place the other half on the cake and spread the cream on each of its sides
  • Cut the pieces of kitkat according to the height of your cake and arrange the pieces on the sides of it
  • Further decorate the cake with chocolate shaves or curls
  • Refrigerate for a few hours before serving
  • Serve and enjoy the rich chocolicious sweetness of the cake