Lemonade Krusher Recipe

Lemonade Krusher is a refreshing drink served at every famous restaurant. The secret to its taste is the technique used in its recipe. Check out the easy and simple recipe to this refreshing drink and make your summers bearable.

Source: Meenu’s Menu



  • Lemon 1, cut in slices
  • Mint 4 leaves
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt pinch
  • Sprite or 7 up as needed
  • Crushed ice as needed

Lemonade Krusher Recipe-1

Directions for Lemonade Krusher

  • Take a mortar pestle and add lemon slices in it along with mint, sugar and salt
  • Crush all the ingredients
  • Add the crushed ice in a glass and then pour the mixture in it
  • Pour Sprite or 7up on the mixture
  • Serve chilled
  • To make the drink healthy, use water instead of soda and don’t consume soda with an empty stomach