Nabeez Drink Recipe

Nabeez is an alkalizing tonic and a natural energy drink. It is also one of the oldest drinks ever as it was consumed by people centuries ago. The drink removes acidity and helps in digestion. Moreover, it also helps the metabolism and assists in cleaning up the body making the liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys as good as new! Check out the recipe for this refreshing and healthy drink.


  • Ajwa Dates or any other dates available 3-4
  • Water 1 glass
  • Honey 1 Tsp

Nabeez Drink Recipe-1

Directions for Nabeez

  • Wash the dates
  • Take an airtight container and soak the dates in it overnight
  • You can also add golden raisins with dates
  • Next day remove the seeds ad grind the dates in water while adding some honey
  • Strain the mixture and serve
  • You can also just drink the water while eating the dates separately without grinding
  • Boost up your energy with this refreshing drink