Pizza Wonton Cups Recipe

Pizza wonton sounds like a weird combination but not only is it easy to make,but very delicious in taste. You can prepare these tasty appetizers by making a filling of your own choice and baking them in wonton wraps. Check out the way to prepare this mouth watering snack!

Source: Food Fusion


  • Chicken tikka filling as needed
  • Wonton/ samosa/ roll Wraps as needed
  • Tomatoes, capsicum, onion as needed
  • Cheese as needed
  • Oil for greasing tray.

Pizza Wonton Cups Recipe-1

Directions for Pizza Wonton Cups

  • Cut the chicken in ver fine cubes
  • Marinate the chicken in chicken tikka spices
  • Take a wok and saute the chicken in 1 tbsp of oil and cook until it seems done
  • Grease the cupcake tray and place the wonton wraps on it
  • Now place a spoon full of filling consisting of capsicum, mushrooms and finely chopped tomatoes or onions
  • Also sprinkle the cheese on its top and bake for about 15 minutes or until it seems done
  • Serve alongside your favourite dips and sauces and enjoy the crispy mini wonton pizzas