Privacy Policy

Cooking Crave never share their user’s data to anyone or any company for marketing or any other purpose. Our policy rules very restrict about our user’s data. Any data or information stored by our users on our server is fully owned by the specific user and he/she can delete his/her data or unsubscribe from our blog anytime.

Cooking Crave, only collects such personal information which is necessary for users to get access to our services which is created for them. Personal information include

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number


Comments submitted to this website/blog is totally owned by the commenters. We reserve the right to delete or edit the comment which is submitted by our user. To comment on our website/blog you need to enter your email address and name to submit your comment on different posts that you like on our blog.

Cooking Crave reserve the right to delete such a comments which are submitted as spam or any other negative activity like link sharing also a part of this.