Tomato Bruschetta Recipe

As the name might suggest, the appetizer is light and nutritious at the same time. Tomato Bruschetta is the perfect recipe one can savor a very little prep time.

Tomato Bruschetta Recipe With Ingredients and Directions:

Source: Inspired Taste


  • Chopped Ripe Roma (plum) tomatoes 8 Pcs
  • Leaves Chopped fresh basil 5 Pcs
  • Cloves Minced Garlic 2 Pcs
  • Dried Oregano 1 Pinch
  • Crushed Red Pepper 1 Dash
  • Salt 1 Pinch
  • Ground Black Pepper 1 Pinch
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2-3 Tbsp
  • Italian-style (or French) bread, cut into diagonal slices 1 loaf


  1. Take a large bowl and combine the tomatoes, basil, oregano and olive oil with salt, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic. Let it sit for 15 minutes to allow the flavors to blend.
  2. Meanwhile, preheat the broiler and arrange the slices on a baking sheet. The slices must be in a single-layered and browned from both sides in the oven.
  3. Spread the tomato mixture after taking the warm slices out. Enjoy!

Tomato Bruschetta Recipe